Rob Balasabas

Selling a Course without Building a Course

About The Session

There is an unfortunate situation that I hope you never find yourself in as an online course creator, and that is to create a course that no one buys. No one plans to create a course that doesn’t sell. But by neglecting to plan how they’re going to sell their course, they inadvertently risk creating a course that generates very few (if any) sales once published. After this session, you’ll have a step-by-step plan to sell your course before creating a single lesson. This way, you not only validate your course idea, but save yourself days and months building a course that no one is interested in!

What You’ll Learn

  • Create a mind-map of what course topics they can teach online.
  • Create an easy social media post to get instant feedback/validation on their course topic idea.
  • Have resources and tools that they can look up to start building their course pre-sell landing page.

About Rob

Rob Balasabas is the Social Media & Community Manager at Thinkific. You’ll find Rob talking about Online Courses, Content Creation & Marketing Strategies, and Social Media Ninja Moves on stage, conference panels, webinars, livestream interviews and podcasts. He creates content on #LinkedInLIVE as one of the original beta testers, YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using the consistent method of intentionally repurposing content to reach his audience.