Rita Goodroe

Boost Loyalty, Increase Revenue and Create a Movement Around Your Podcast!

About The Session

Creating a true community boosts listener loyalty, initiates a movement around your podcast and increases your revenue by 19 percent! Your podcast simply cannot afford to ignore the power of community building. While most podcast hosts want to amplify their message and create meaningful change, their impact falls short because they do not understand the difference between building an audience and creating a community. In this session, you’ll learn the three mistakes people make in building community around their podcast, why community is crucial for your show’s sustainability, and the three steps to elevate your listeners from an audience to a community!

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between building an audience and creating a community
  • Three mistakes entrepreneurs make in building community around their business
  • What separates a business from a hobby
  • The 4 Value Proposition Levels and why knowing them is crucial to generating profit
  • The three Cs of Community Building and how you can implement them to boost loyalty, increase revenue and build a movement around your business

About Rita

Rita Goodroe helps entrepreneurs go all-in on creating profitable businesses that support their dream lives! Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Rita worked for 13 years as a business attorney. In 2015, she founded “Women’s Business Garden,” a free, global, community that provides education and community events to women entrepreneurs. In June 2016, Women’s Business Garden was selected as a change-making community by the United State of Women Summit convened by The Obama White House. Rita believes that the fastest path to success is by helping others succeed and uses her platform as an international speaker to advocate for equal opportunities for women in all areas of entrepreneurship.