Rebecca Gunter

Position your [Podcast]

About The Session

If you’ve ever stumbled through your intro or stared painfully at a blank screen when trying to describe your podcast / special sauce, then you already know how damn hard it is to talk about your own brand. Through deep workshopping, get everything out of your head and start inspiring your audience to leap into action.

Position Your [Podcast] is THE business development workshop that delivers the winning formula to craft a positioning statement, key messages, and ideal audience personas.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how to craft a positioning statement that is right on the money and leads with your UVP
  • Learn how to identify key messaging that will pivot the way you talk about yourself
  • Get killer worksheets and lightbulb moments to breathe new life into your marketing

About Rebecca

One part storytelling and one part persuasive copywriting, I bring your brand voice to life and create something people can connect with.