Marcus dePaula

The Four Steps to Professional Audio Quality

About The Session

Professional audio engineer and podcast producer, Marcus dePaula, will show his fool-proof process for how he consistently produces amazing audio for his podcast clients.

To learn how to apply the concepts laid out in this session, make sure you attend Ralph M. Rivera’s session on “How to choose and use the right software tools for audio production.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Professional recording techniques to get the best possible sound out of any equipment.
  • The importance of proper editing and how to decide what makes the cut.
  • Using effects plugins to get a professional sounding mix.
  • Mastering and encoding the final audio file for today’s mobile listener.

About Marcus

Marcus dePaula began his career in Nashville’s music industry as a touring sound engineer. After 10 years of traveling the globe with dozens of bands, he transitioned to installing professional recording studios, and is now enjoying using his experience to produce podcasts. He also has a marketing and consulting business with his wife Jenn, where he has built more than 60 websites as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer.