The Karen & Ellen Letters: A Live Show at DC PodFest!

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karen ellen letters

A true tale of two girls, their found correspondence, and a journey deep into cognitive dissonance.

You are about to be a fly on a wall–a fur covered wall. The Karen & Ellen Letters is a podcast covering 3 years’ worth of found correspondence between a landlord and his two tenants from the late 80’s. The cult following of this podcast can be observed in The Karen & Ellen Letters Facebook group where “Roomies” communicate like old friends about all the mysteries that Karen & Ellen have introduced into their lives.

The Karen & Ellen Letters live show is part of the Podcasts & Pancakes party Friday night at DC PodFest.

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The Karen & Ellen Letters is Produced by Josh Hallmark from the Our American Network, and available on Podbean, iTunes and Stitcher. Season two launched Oct. 17th! Josh is also the founder of 2 Pods A Day, a movement to promote indie podcasts!

The Karen & Ellen Letters Live Show is enthusiastically sponsored by Podbean, their hosting company!

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