How To Be The Best Podcast Guest Ever

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A guest blog post from Social Media Rescue

Ten+1 Ways to Be a Mega-Star Podcast Guest

Listen to at least three episodes of the podcast before you come on. Get a feel for the show and get familiar with the format. It will be obvious to the hosts and you will be a lot more comfortable as a guest.

Be cool. Promote the show prior to your guest date.  Use Twitter, Facebook, Your Blog and Website to announce that you will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the podcast. Make sure to Tag, Fan & Follow the podcast, the hosts and any people related to the show. Those are totally cool moves.

Do them a solid and subscribe to their show and give them a nice review. Take a few minutes to write a quick review on itunes, Stitcher and wherever else you can hear their show. It doesn’t have to be more than a couple of sentences. For example:  “I would give my kidney to listen to this show everyday. Luckily, I don’t have to! God, I love America!”

Be on time! Whether you are a call-in guest or studio guest, respect the show and be on time. If you are running late, call as soon as you can to let the show know, so they can act accordingly.

Wait to be introduced before you open your trap. Don’t just start talking like some egomaniac jackass. The host has most likely prepared a nice intro to make you look awesome–don’t trample it. Let them bring you on, fuckhead.

Give a gift. I’m not talking about a bottle of wine! Reveal something on the show. It could be a personal story you’ve never told in public, an announcement/breaking news, a special offer for just their listeners or even a murder confession (That’s a good one!).  And a bottle of wine is actually pretty nice too.

Don’t over promote your product, show or website. Believe me, the show host(s) want to and will plug your stuff. Over-plugging is not entertaining and will not help sell your crap. Be real, be interesting and the listeners will respond. I listened recently to one of my favorite podcasts,Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas and his guest on episode #474 is a perfect example of an out of control plugger. I wanted to duct tape his “inner voice” by the end of the episode. Please listen to it and tell me if you agree.

Don’t take over the show, donkey! Us podcast hosts want to hear what you have to say, but we really want to have a conversation with you. A real conversation. A podcast is an intimate art form that works best when the conversation is balanced and truthful. Trust your hosts to know how to guide the show for their audience.

Open the door and let us in!  Don’t try to perform or put on a “show” unless you were booked to specifically do that. If you are asked a question, answer it honestly and don’t do schtick and turn everything into a joke. That turns into an annoying wall. The show hosts want to get to know you as a person and get their audience invested in you. Get vulnerable, already, geez.

Promote the show after your guest spot. Share your episode to all your social networks for at least a week after it airs. Make sure to post the link on your blog and website as well.  Do it all in the name of podcast power!

Refer another guest, for extra bonus points!  Podcast producers spend a lot of time booking guests, so I love it when a guest refers another guest to me. There is a built in comfort level for the referred guest and it keeps the podcast love rolling like a big ball of awesome.

If you do all these things, I guarantee you will be asked to be a return guest and you will get invited on lots more shows. Your inner star will shine a little brighter.

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