Opening Keynote Speaker: Eboné Bell

Don’t Tokenize…Unless You Want a Problem

About The Session

Time and time again we hear people say they want more diversity in their audience, guests, and even events. Well, how do you accomplish this? In this presentation, we’ll look at ways to make sure your messaging is intentional opposed to being a second thought. We’ll also explore the term diversity and what it means for your podcast.

What You’ll Learn

  • What diversity means?
  • How you accomplish obtaining a diverse audience/guests/etc.
  • Intentions vs. Intentional

About Eboné

Eboné F. Bell is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Tagg Magazine, a queer women’s print publication and website. She is also the Executive Producer of the Tagg Nation podcast. She is known for her experience in media, entrepreneurship, LGBTQ issues, and activism.