DC PodFest 2017 Keynote Announcement No. 2 is Kenn Blanchard!

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ken blanchardDC PodFest is privileged to welcome back, Kenn Blanchard as a keynote speaker. Kenn spoke at DC PodFest in 2016, and left podcasters with an unforgettable message about the power of one voice. As a podcaster, author, and community leader, Kenn has experienced first hand the reach and impact of a podcast created for a specific community.

Rev. Kenneth V. Blanchard, Sr. is ordained Christian pastor, an accomplished speaker and the author of several books. He is former US Marine and former federal police officer. He has spent almost thirty years fighting terrorism with the Central Intelligence Agency. He is an activist known internationally as the Black Man With A Gun.

Over the past few decades, Blanchard has been involved in almost every pro-rights event that required a person of color to show the diversity of the shooting sports around the country. He has provided commercials for TV against racist gun laws and been featured in four documentaries, one with the BBC. He has served as a columnist for New Voices Newspaper of Durham, North Carolina; He has served as a director and chaplain of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. He has worked with the American Sport Shooting Council, the Second Amendment Foundation, the CATO Institute, Gun Owners of America, and the National Rifle Association. The first edition of Black Man With A Gun was featured in the August 2001 edition of American Rifleman. He was featured in the Washington Business Journal on Jan. 2002. He was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal (1999) as a security expert. He has lobbied and testified before the United States Congress, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland for an individual’s right to self-defense. He has served on the Urban Affairs, and Training committees of the NRA. He was an advisor/editor for the creation of the Refuse to Be A Victim program.

He created a training business and founded a national shooting club from African Americans called the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club. He has been the recipient of the National Rifle Association’s Carter-Knight Freedom award, CCRKBA Gun Defender Award of the month (August 1997) and the St. Gabriel Possenti award.

After discovering podcasting in 2007, he created the Black Man With A Gun Podcast to be able to reach people he has met as an activist and encourage them to stay in the fight for freedom. He uses his podcast to inspire, entertain and share parts of history that few have heard. He has had over 1.4 million downloads of the Black Man With A Gun Show formally known as the Urban Shooter Podcast.

He is a dynamic speaker that has in 2014 spoken in Las Vegas at the New Media Expo as a expert in niche marketing, at the SAFE rally in Albany, NY, sharing the stage with Donald J. Trump and others. He produces three different shows from his home studio and network called Blanchard Media Group. He has published four books, the latest is Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded, now available on and several on independent labels as ebooks.

Here is some of his freelance work.

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