Daree Allen Nieves

So You Wanna Be a Voice Actor?

About The Session

Your mic sounds nice and you’ve made peace with the sound of your voice. So how do you move from hosting a podcast to a starting a professional voiceover career? In this session, Daree will talk about her journey from podcasting to becoming a professional voice talent, voicing commercials, audiobooks, e-learning, and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • Different genres of voiceover and their diverse opportunities
  • The type of training you need to do voiceover (it’s not just reading out loud!)
  • Conferences, blogs, and podcasts to gain more skills and knowledge
  • Studio requirements that vary from your current podcasting equipment
  • Discussion about rates, and getting work through reputable online casting sites, agents, and self-marketing
  • Scams to watch out for

About Daree

Daree Allen Nieves is the ultimate goal-getter. As a technical writer and certified life coach, she has presented numerous professional and personal development topics at workshops, conferences, schools, and universities across the country. She is also a voice actor, the award-winning author of three self-help books, and hosts of the “Kickin’ it with Daree” podcast.