Chip Edwards

What Smart Speaker Adoption Means to You

About The Session

Love’em or Hate’em, Smart Speaker adoption continues to boom with over 100 million devices sold in the U.S. and upwards of 40% of the population with a Smart Speaker in their home. Fortunately, both Google and Amazon built in the ability to play podcasts. Unfortunately, you still need to protect your Verbal Brand. Once your podcast is available on Smart Speakers, and once you’ve protected your brand, the fun question is, how will you engage your audience after your podcast finishes?

What You’ll Learn

  • Stats on Smart Speaker Adoption
  • How to ensure that your podcast is available on Smart Speakers
  • How Smart Speakers are changing access to information
  • What podcasters need to do to protect their brand on Smart Speakers

About Chip

Chip is a partner at, and is dedicated to helping influencers engage their audience in a Voice First, Smart Speaker world. Chip has created voice apps for well-known bloggers and podcasters including Seth Godin, BiggerPockets, History Unplugged, and The Blind Blogger. Chip is a teacher, speaker, designer, and technologist who is passionate about connecting your content to the new Voice Technology platforms.