Alex Birch

Five Ways New Voices are Making Sh*t Happen

About The Session

How do you make a podcast wildly successful? New podcasters are coming up with unique approaches every day. At the PRX Podcast Garage, we get a front-row seat to the stories, strategies, and struggles of local podcasters. Hear about the creative process and business models of five shows made by first-time podcasters. You’ll walk away with some new ideas and shows to subscribe to!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why to make your podcast with an experimental mindset
  • Five successful strategies used by independent podcasters
  • How to evaluate your show and pivot your approach

About Alex

As Senior Manager of the PRX Podcast Garage, I work to ensure our current and future Garages are welcoming, impactful, and inspiring spaces for new voices in audio. Before PRX, I designed and led a program at Brown University for storytelling and social change and interned at Rhode Island Public Radio. I’ve assisted with many podcasts as well as independently produced audio and community storytelling projects.