Is This Adulting? A Live Show at DC PodFest!

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is this adulting

Is This Adulting is bringing their show in front of a live audience at DC PodFest!  Catch their show, along with 7 Minutes In Hell, and The Karen & Ellen Letters at our annual Podcasts & Pancakes Party Saturday Nov. 11th from 6:30pm-9:30pm.

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Fighting the Mental Health Stigma

Mental Health is something that is incredibly important to our overall well being but let’s be honest…No one talks about it.

Show hosts, Chris Grimmet and Steven Pappas learned the hard way what happens when you’re struggling but too embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. So they decided to change that.

Is This Adulting? is about building a community that will help fight the stigma that comes with Mental Health. Together they’re going to change the world, by showing what it looks like to be vulnerable and support one another.

And There Are Laughs!

Is This Adulting?” is a podcast about all of us. Each week, Chris and Steven discuss topics of discussion to the table, both silly and serious, to talk about for your entertainment. They also play fun games, hang out with amazing guests and check in with each other regarding their mental health for the week.

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