15 DC Podcasts To Travel With Over Thanksgiving

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podcasts to travel with

As you prepare to travel this Thanksgiving, consider adding some local podcasts to your travel playlist.  If you are new to podcasts, think of them as Netflix for online radio. Podcasts are on-demand audio content available through iTunes, Stitcher, or any number of podcast player apps. If you have a newer iphone, the podcast player comes conveniently installed on your home screen. 

There are podcasts for everyone. Need some laughs? Choose a comedy podcast. Crazy about The Walking Dead? There are podcasts that will satisfy your insatiable need to talk to someone about whether or not Glen is dead. You can be entertained and educated while you drive, wait for a plane, sit on a train, or walk off some Thanksgiving calories. There are podcasts on science, history, business, stamp collecting, human rights, music, true crime, movies, finance. writing, pop culture, fashion, comics, art, fitness, health, motherhood, fatherhood, Disney, any sport..–you get the idea. Start by searching for topics you are interested in, and go from there.

We are happy to get you started with these 15 podcasts produced in the DC area:

Brookings Cafeteria Podcast: Hosted by Fred Dews, this award winning podcast from The Brookings Institute,  is about ideas and the experts who have them.

Pop Fashion: Hosted by fashion consultant, Kaarin Vembar and Lisa Rowan of Beltway Vintage, this podcast will educate you on every fun thing you need to know in the fashion industry.

Women of Uncertain Age: Karen Yankosky and Philippa Hughes are two forty somethings who invite you to eavesdrop on their candid conversations about relationships and all their dilemmas.

Where’s My Forty Acres: Broadly focused reflections on Hip-Hop, but infused with comedy, heated debates, infamous roasts and guest appearances from artists, comedians, twitter prodigies, and respected figures of the 40 Acres Community.

Digression Sessions: A comedy podcast based out of Baltimore and hosted by comedians Josh Kuderna and Mike Moran and features lively interviews with various talents.

Hometown Sounds: A podcast dedicated to playing the music from DC.  They will play music made by bands that started in DC and moved on, but only the music they made before leaving. Hosted by Paul Vodra and Tony Porreco.

Revivalism: In its first season, and part of the Goat Rodeo Network, this podcast covers a cross country trip interviewing buskers around the country.

Across The Pond: An English Premier League soccer podcast hosted by four insanely obsessed American supporters.

It’s All Journalism: This podcast brings together the experiences of working journalists as they explore this continuously evolving field to prove that journalism is not dying, it’s changing. Hosted by Michael O’Connell.

Her Money Matters: Hosted by money coach, Jen Hemphill, she tackles subjects around women and and their unique issues surrounding money and finances.

Spiral Marketing: Hosted by marketing and branding strategist, Karl Boehm who interviews thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs about successful marketing tools and strategies.

The Nerdpocalypse: Focusing on all things nerdy from movies, science, technology, comics to the strange and bizarre stories from around the internet.

FuseBox Radio Broadcast: the syndicated show has a strong focus on bringing a diverse mixture of Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Dance, House, EDM, Funk & other forms of Black Music from all over the world along with relevant guest interviews, news, and commentary.

Carolyn and Joe Show: With over are 300 episodes, cartoonist Carolyn Belefski and filmmaker, Joe Carabeo invite you into their conversation every week on a variety of topics and interesting guests.

Pilot Waves: Discovering, nurturing, and unleashing artists and creative minds of character into the world through profitable and philanthropic efforts that highlight struggle, and stir debate. Hosted by Alex Vidales.


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