Sean Richardson


Meet Sean!

Founder of GreenPotato Media, Sean Richardson has been involved with Creative Marketing, Photography, Social Media, and Motion for over 10 years. Working with clients to develop a strong visual brand for their business, and creative powerful images to move viewers.  Sean’s passion has always been storytelling.  Whether it’s one frame or twenty four frames a second.  It’s about creating an emotion and connecting to your viewer.  Sean has had the privilege of working with companies like Hilton, Hyatt, Aloft, 225 Magazine, Dig Magazine, Tiger Rag Magazine, Community Coffee, Louisiana State University to name a few.  Being able to work with other creatives in the industry has given him the passion to share what he has learned over the years.  Working with Entrepreneurs and Creatives to develop photography & marketing skills, and helping them develop social media strategies to help grow their brands and businesses.  Sean believes that this creative community is stronger when working together and developing those relationships with likeminded individuals will only make us stronger.   

Co-Founder/Co-Host to ArtUp Bootcamp Podcast, which is a 5 day a week podcast, Sean has jumped head first into the podcasting world.  Using this outlet to share his passion and ideas for growing the creative economy has been a driving force for him.  Along with ArtUp Bootcamp Podcast, Sean is also Co-Founder of GenerationArtUp, which is a Non-Profit that brings Business and Art together to create a better world.

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