Panel: Magnify Your Message: The Zen Relationship Between Blogging & Podcasting


From Left To Right:

ModeratorBecca Marco is currently a Director in sales at a technology company in Washington DC, Co-Founder of Pop and Banter and the co-host of the Pop and Banter podcast. As a Director in sales she is responsible for managing the relationship with top media and ad tech clients, and assisting them with their digital strategy and overall research needs. She started her career in media research in NYC over 11 years ago, and during that she has moved to the west coast and back, spent a summer in New Zealand on an avocado orchard, and became a wife and a step-mom to three boys (19, 14 and 13). The experience she gained through transitioning jobs and traveling the world has given her a unique opportunity to try various habits and ways of living to see what stuck and what things ultimately helped her move her life forward. This unique perspective is what she regularly shares on the podcast, which aims to empower women and give them tips on how to lead their best life. She loves this work as she is lifted up by helping those around, and is delighted by the opportunity to assist other working women and moms. 

Panelist: Jon Harper has  interviewed some of the most influential educators in the country. On his podcast these amazing educators each share an epic mistake they have made and how they were able to forward. A former Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Jon is currently serving as vice principal on the eastern shore of Maryland. His blog was most recently nominated by EduBlogs for Most Outstanding Administrator blog and he currently blogs for the Bam Radio Network.

Panelist: Tiffany Walker is a strategist to career-minded working moms, Co-Founder of Pop and Banter, and the co-host of the Pop and Banter Podcast. Tiffany previously served as a Vice President of sales and product at a rapid growth technology company and has over 12 years of experience working with top media and broadcast companies such as ABC, Viacom, and Hulu on their digital strategy. In this experience, she realized how difficult it is for women to “have it all” without feeling stressed out at the same time. As a result, she co-founded and the Pop and Banter Podcast which empowers career-minded women to be successful inside and outside of the office without feeling overwhelmed. She’s a time management master and productivity expert. She is also a wife and a mom to two daughters (5 & 2 years). 

Panelist: Big Baba Rob is  the “ever effervescent” host of the various Black Geeks Podcasts including: Geeks on Games, Geeks on News, Geekin’ Over 40, and the flagship TBGPodcast. We have been podcasting for four years and logged hundreds of episodes and articles. We spent most of 2015 on Youtube. Our shows are featured on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Podcast, YouTube, and BlogTalkRadio. When he is not gaming or out on his motorcycle, he pens the occasional blog post for . He also serves as the C.O.O. of The Black Geeks, LLP. Their mission is promote diversity in media and highlight the astounding work of the members of the Blerd community, People of Color, and the broader Geek community.

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