Keynote: Joel Boggess


Joel Boggess is not only the host of the award-winning Relaunch Podcast, but he is also a best selling author, speaker, writer and coach.

Joel’s Story:

“From the moment of his near-tragic childhood accident, involving a 30-foot tall bridge, a train, an unthinkable fall…

The doctor’s’ report said – “Don’t expect Joel to live a normal life.”

Today, with a Master’s Degree in counseling, an MBA, and high-level experience in the worlds of presenting, counseling, and facilitating, Joel has a remarkable ability to create a safe space, that facilitates connection, engagement, and growth.”


More kudos:

Contributing writer for Success.comNetworking Times, and HuffPost
ReLaunch voted 2014 Most Inspirational and Best Overall podcast – Podcasters’ Paradise awards

ReLaunch voted 2015 Most Inspirational podcast – Podcasters’ Paradise awards

ReLaunch named as 1 of the top 20 business podcasts of 2015 – IncMag

ReLaunch named as 1 of top 5 podcasts for inspiration – HuffPost

#1 Bestselling author of “Finding your Voice

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