Shannon Martin



Shannon Martin

Director of Communications, Podbean

Shannon has been working in marketing and communications for over 15 years, helping businesses communicate their messages and build community. As Podbean’s Director of Communications, Shannon serves as a liaison to the podcaster community. In addition to hosting services, Podbean provides podcast monetization through its patron program, advertising marketplace and premium content sales. Shannon has worked closely with the development team and podcasters on these programs and also leads Podbean’s educational and promotional efforts.

Shannon has extensive experience in blogging, marketing, writing, and public relations. Shannon’s writing has been featured in,, Business Leader, Huffington Post, and various industry and local publications.

Shannon received her B.A. from Wake Forest University and her M.S.W. from University of Georgia. She is a Hootsuite Certified Social Media Specialist.

When she’s not at her computer writing, you’ll find Shannon listening to podcasts (usually while exercising), reading, or travelling. She has lived on three continents and is currently based in Shanghai, China. She has recently started a chapter of the Podcast Brunch Club there.