Carole Sanek


Carole Sanek has worn many hats spanning the years.  She started as an RN and stayed in different fields of medicine for many years but her passion is creating and writing.  When blogging first caught on, Carole was working as a Realtor in Florida and became an avid blogger.  

As time went by she learned to use every major social media platform, and became known as a local thought leader which prompted her to open her business Butterfly Boom Productions in 2011.

3 blogging awards later, Carole moved from focusing 100% on helping people with social media PR and moved into actually writing for people.   She is a ghost writer, and social media content creator, and her business is dedicated to helping people get found.

As luck would have it Carole discovered podcasting at a social media conference and created and hosts a podcast named “The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show” with two other co-hosts all of whom have a marketing background.

She also just launched a new podcast show called “The Nearness of You” on BlogTalk Radio and this is a show dedicated to veterans of WWII, their families, their stories, and how WWII changed their lives