Carey Green


Meet Carey!

When Carey Green realized that digital audio was something he could do, he was all in. Adding his experience as a radio announcer with his love for the audio medium and all things tech, he published his first podcast in July of 2012. It wasn’t long before he was proficient at audio editing and began doing freelance editing work for others.
It was around that time he founded Podcast Fast Track, a professional audio editing and show notes service for time-strapped podcasters. PFT has grown from 1 client in March of 2013 to 29 clients and counting. The team at PFT provides the best show notes in the industry (even if they do say so themselves) by leveraging the text on the page to turn Googlers into readers, readers in to podcast listeners, and podcast listeners into subscribers. Carey loves to say, “We’re here to save you from the podcast time suck.”
Besides doing all that stuff for incredible podcast clients Carey also hosts the PODCASTIFICATION podcast, where he talks about… go ahead, guess… podcasting!
You can see what the PFT team is up to and find the Podcastification podcast at

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